Where to Buy PBN Links for Your Website

PBN BacklinksIf you’re interested in ranking your website at the top of search engines, you’re likely wondering where to buy PBN links from.

That’s because you’ve heard that private blog network backlinks are still some of the most effective backlinks you can get for ranking highly with SEO. The problem is there are a lot of options available out there for you, so it can be hard to choose where to buy from.

The first place to look for great PBN backlinks is to search Google itself. If you type in “buy pbn links” into a search engine you’ll see a list of websites that sell links. These are usually good options, since the fact that they’re already ranking in Google for those terms, means they know what they’re doing.

Another place to looks for great PBN link providers is on forums and message boards. There are several SEO-dedicated forums you can go to that feature marketplaces where sellers are offering PBN links in exchange for money. There are a number of highly-reputable providers which are consistently building out new networks for their clients so that no single site has been over-sold with way too many links pointing out.

SEO LinksFurther, if you’re in any private SEO or marketing groups online, you’ll likely be able to find someone who’s willing to share their private blog network with you. This is probably the safest option, since the owner of the PBN isn’t selling links to just anyone. If you can find a “friend” to share their PBN with, it’s almost always worth it to do, if they’re not selling to the general public.

Finally, there are a few different Facebook groups out there that are tied to the Facebook Marketplace where providers are offering pbn link building services. They’re usually pretty well-priced, and you can choose from a number of different providers. It’s kind of like being on an SEO forum. Most of these groups will be closed groups you have to search for and then apply to, to be accepted. But if you can find them, they’re usually a great place to look for links.

If you do decide to use PBN links, make sure that your on-page SEO is on point, and that you’re keeping your anchor text ratios in check. When link building, it’s very easy to go overboard and end up getting your site slapped down by Google’s algorithm. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on links just to end up having your site trashed. In most cases, you’ll have to start over, instead of recovering your rankings.

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